Instructional Designer Project Portfolio (in progress)

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Transferable skills
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Instructional design
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Projects completed and undergoing (e.g. PhD candidate in Education at the University of Aveiro)

Transferable skills

I’ve got a long teaching background in six countries and a versatile career, including experience working in the IT sector, and I’m looking forward to growing into an Instructional Designer, as I’ve got all the transferable skills necessary, and an open mind to learn with each and every project.


With a self-starter attitude, eager to learn and improve both personally and professionally, I have gathered technical skills both working in IT, as well as studying Digital Business at Porto Business School. I have excellent interpersonal and intercultural skills proved as a teacher and most recently as a Ph.D. student in Education at the University of Aveiro.

Busines Services

I like to keep technically updated and constantly develop my personal skills with the aim of serving individuals, projects, and organisations. Check out more about me here or here.

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Challenge-based learning

Scenario-based learning

I work with this framework in my everyday tasks in IT. What more exciting is there than to learn from experiencing real world challenges? You get to learn from a somehow Montessorian perspective and, this means hands-on, intermediated by technology.

This is the most common expression of Learning in corporate settings. The idea is to create learning experiences that bring the trainee to a scenario and to create obstacles.

Game-based learning

Inquiry-based learning

A method for learning based on playing (serious) games applied mostly on mobile learning.

Every good learning starts with a question. This is a learning process that engages participants in the exploration and high-level questioning of world issues.

Project-based learning

PBL is an instructional approach designed to place participants before real life challenges and problems while providing the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills (critical thinking, creativity, communication, etc).


When the trainers position themselves at the center of the training process, they direct the experience of learning, and are the source of all learning.


Career change from teaching to instructional design!

A pillar website showcasing my portfolio, both professional (in coaching, teaching, research methods in education) and personal (art experiments, mostly painting) as the inspiration for this website (including server side management).

LMS-based content

Website (including server side management) with Blog and Podcast integration, as well as e-commerce.)

An experimental art portfolio

My YouTube channel – my video portfolio

A transcultural look at lusophone music – A project done just for the fun of sharing and experimenting with tools in the I & D area

Intercultural competence

Hora da Historia 1 (designed, developed, co-authored and coordinated the textbooks)

Hora da História 2

Tradwiki – dimensões de interculturalidade proporcionadas pelos novos media – Master Thesis (Supervised by Prof. José da Silva Ribeiro, Universidade Aberta, Porto, Portugal)

A major achievement as a lecturer where I could create a great interface for communication around literary texts between German and Portuguese. The creation of a wiki platform allowed each and every one of the students to have their own words when translating literary texts. I created the name Tradwiki within this educational thesis on the web, which is also a milestone (and I can now read innovative 🙂 ) – as I saw it later used then by another translation project website. As I left the University of Leipzig as a lecturer in 2009, the university servers have cleared this project from their database and I haven’t unfortunately made a copy. You can read the thesis here (although it’s already old to serve as an example of relevance in technology).

Personalised learning environments – a review

Intercultural competence in PLE textbooks – a Systematic Literature Review

Interculltural competence – grounded theory

Do you have an Instructional Design project to develop and do you need a knowledgeable Instructional designer?

I’m looking forward to develop it with you and for you!


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